The Cactus Club In Salisbury To Close Their Doors For Good, TONIGHT

    The Cactus Club in north Salisbury will be closing their doors for good tonight. They did not renew their liquor license and we will see yet another business close their doors for good. While some might see this as a good thing, no matter what is said, the economy is taking its toll on the shore as times just continue to get tougher.

    I know, lets give the Daily Times ANOTHER $400,000.00 CITY tax cut while they too go from 200 employees down to 15, move their printing to Wilmington, DE. and depress the local economy. That number does NOT include the tax breaks they got from the County as well.

    Thanks Louise, Gary and Shanie. More importantly, thanks Paul Wilber for not speaking the TRUTH at the City Council Meeting 11 days ago. Wilber stated the tax break was mandatory and that is NOT the truth.  

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