Airline Actually Reduced A Fee

    Airlines have tacked on more and more fees over the years as a way to recoup costs without having to raise their base fares as much, but Frontier has broke with these seemingly relentless upward tradition and actually reduced some fees this week. Thunderclap!

    Frontier is cutting the fee for changing an economy from $100 to $50. Also, travelers paying online will pay $15 for checked bags instead of $20. And the $75 flat fee for bike transport is gone. Instead, bikes will be charged the same fees as luggage.

    Why would they do this? Airfarewatchdog's George Hobica told Consumerist, "Frontier is probably responding to competition from Southwest, which doesn't charge for change fees at all, and allows passengers to check two bags for free."

    That's a nice use of competition, because until now I thought airlines were in a race to see who could have the most and highest fees.

    from The Consumerist

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